So, you’ve had salsa sitting in your fridge for a week now. What’s next? Let’s see about cooking, marinating or making a new sandwich twist. Let’s start with cooking with The Emerald Green Tomatillo Salsa. It will accompany any egg dish you throw its way. The fresh blend of peppers will get your next breakfast STELLAR reviews.

At my taco stand in Mexico, I would get RAVE reviews cooking and marinating my chicken tacos with Emerald Green Tomatillo Salsa. If you’re desiring to make grilled chicken, marinate the chicken overnight in Emerald Green Tomatillo Salsa, adding a few tablespoons to some rice. Now you have a new recipe to serve at your next event or family gathering. Try Emerald Green Tomatillo Salsa with any of your favorite chicken or pork Mexican dishes for that next WOW experience!

If you’re thinking about carne asada street tacos or steak fajitas, Ruby Red Habanero Salsa has your back. This spicy salsa will add the kick and flavor to make any of your Mexican dishes stand out to the crowd with ENVY. Simply add your favorite cut of meat (I prefer flank steak) and cover it with Ruby Red Habanero Salsa. Allow it to marinade overnight, taking your next meal to “You really made this, it’s AMAZING”!

For your next Taco Tuesday, add Hatch Green Chile Salsa to your ground beef after draining the fat. You have just hit a flavor HOMERUN! With its bold taste and unique flavor, this salsa is very versatile. It can be used as a marinade for any type of meat. Use Blend Salsa’s Hatch Green Chile Salsa as a taco sauce or add to it some ranch dressing for a real flavor EXPLOSION! Looking for a way to spice up your next sandwich or torta? Look no further, just add 3 tablespoons of any Blend Salsa to 1 cup of mayo and enjoy pure sandwich BLISS!

Stay Salsa My Friends!

Fun Salsa Facts:

  • May is National Salsa Month, so enjoy a pint of Blend Salsa.
  • In 1991, salsa outsold ketchup as the most popular condiment in America. Today, salsas account for almost half of the sauces sold in the United States.