We all have been there, standing in the salsa aisle staring at all the jars trying to make a decision. They all look really good, but not all salsas are created equal. This is the reason I started making my own salsa. I was tired of thinking this salsa looks really good, then when I get home chips in hand and another disappointment!

It seemed most if not all salsas had a lingering displeasurable after taste, whether freshly made or shelf stable. This was due to the use of canned ingredients and preservatives. I found out working with different manufactures that most local Colorado salsas and many others use mostly canned ingredients to save time and money.

Fresh Ingredients, No Preservatives

Blend Salsa, only uses and sources the freshest ingredients without the use of preservatives. This makes a fresh authentic tasting salsa without that displeasurable after taste. The more I started making and sharing recipes the more friends and family wanted to  purchase my salsas. Then, Blend Salsa was born. I came up with the name because of blending techniques used along with the blend of fresh ingredients and secret spices. Compare and taste the difference in every jar of Blend Salsa and be taken away to your favorite places in Mexico! Stay Salsa My Friends…

Fun Salsa Facts

  1. The brighter red salsa means mostly canned ingredients are used.
  2. Always check the list of ingredients, you’d be surprised  what’s in some salsas.